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Norman Parker - Surrealist Art
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Dear Norman, Thank you so much for your enlightening reply. I am now intrigued by the complexiti...

Customer Testimonials

   Testimonial by Kev and Ali
Subject: Tor Series

Hi Norman. The wife and I went to your exhibition at the Rural Life and were astounded by your work. To see such surrealism! It was the best we've seen outside of Figueres and with our very own Tor in the paintings! Anyway, sadly we cannot afford the originals but will buy some prints. Do you have prints available of all of the Tor Series? Thanks in anticipation Kev and Ali
   Testimonial by Mike
Subject: Big Fan

Norman, I have seen some of your work on the Internet and am a big fan. Can you please quote me prices for each of these: Invisible City, The Castle and Dream of the King. Mike
   Testimonial by Steve
Subject: Illusion in Stone

Hello Norman, I would really like to buy the original of "Illusion in stone" but sadly cannot afford it at the moment. Rather than miss out completely I have decided I would like one of the prints. Thanks in advance Steve
   Testimonial by Tania
Subject: Looking forward to the book

Dear Norman, Thank you so much for your enlightening reply. I am now intrigued by the complexities of your motivation in regard to the aspects of the Tor, but fully appreciate that email isn't perhaps the best medium for doing justice to those complexities. Perhaps there may be a clue in "The 100 Views" book, and I will look forward to its publication! Tania
   Testimonial by Debbie
Subject: Pictures

Hello Norman Today I was in our print room and saw some of your work. I have had a look on your website, the pictures are great. Some of the pictures that I saw were not on your website and I was wondering if it was possible to purchase a limited edition print of one of them? Please let me know. Thanks, Debbie
   Testimonial by Dave and Julia
Subject: Interesting Aspects

Dear Norman, We love the pictures we had from you last week - we keep finding new and interesting aspects in them! Best wishes to you. Dave and Julia
   Testimonial by Hilde
Subject: Nightfall

Dear Norman Parker, I immediately fell in love with your painting "Nightfall" in your online gallery. Is it by any chance possible to buy a poster print of this beautiful painting? As a student I am unfortunately not able to afford this original painting. Best regards, Hilde Norway
   Testimonial by Bumble
Subject: Spell Bound

Hi Norman I’m spell bound by your work, enjoying the web sight and if it wasn't so late I'd go through the whole site but please put my mind at rest - were you a tutor at Millfield???? Bumble
   Testimonial by Lisa
Subject: Critical Study

Dear Norman Parker, I am doing a Critical Study on your fantastic pieces of work, but to complete the critical study I need information about you, your views and how you got your ideas. It would really help and contacting you would give me a higher and better grade of understanding Surrealisim and you. Please can you help!!! Lisa
   Testimonial by Gianni
Subject: Optical Illusions

Dear Norman, I am author of several popular books on optical illusions and perceptive games. In my next book I plan on presenting 1 of your artworks - if you agree - called 'Tribute to Sir Winston' as an EXAMPLE of optical illusions, with obviously your copyrights and credits. I look forward to your reply. Best wishes, Gianni
   Testimonial by Peter
Subject: Nightfall

I really like some of your paintings. I am also a painter. What age did you start painting, and how long do most paintings take you to complete? By the way, I love that ‘Nightfall’ painting. Peter
   Testimonial by Jim
Subject: The Scarlet Rope

Dear Norman I was very impressed with The Scarlet Rope and your other paintings in the style of M C Escher, reproduced on your web site. The site offers no clue as to your geographic location, but I wondered if it is possible to see the originals before deciding on a purchase. Are they exhibited anywhere? Jim
   Testimonial by Kardia
Subject: Thank You

Dear Norman Thank you for your speedy reply to my enquiry regarding available prints. I was very excited to see that there is a print available of The Invisible City, which I would like to purchase for myself. I would also like to order one of the limited edition signed prints of The Illusion in Stone for my Father's birthday. Can I be really cheeky and ask for The Invisible City to be signed also? Yours Sincerely Kardia
   Testimonial by Bryn
Subject: Study on Surrealism

Hello Norman I’m doing a study on surrealism at my school and have gone through websites and websites which sucked then I went onto yours and I thought your paintings were fantastic and got attracted to ‘Illusion in Stone’ and ‘Invisible City’. I would really like it if I could hand in a project with a few words from my featured artist. If you wouldn’t mind could you please tell me your inspiration while doing your paintings ‘Illusion in Stone’ and ‘Invisible city’ and have you got any words of advice for anybody wanting to become a surrealist artist. Thank you so much Yours sincerely Bryn
   Testimonial by Liz
Subject: Thank You

To Norman Parker, Hello, my name is Liz and I am, as people would say, a 'budding' artist. I am in Year 11 of secondary school and today I received my final GCSE Fine Art exam piece. In which I get four weeks before I have to sit down for 10 hours and produce a final piece. One of the starting points, that you can form our idea from, is 'Illusion'. In my research this evening, I came across your work. I have to say you are one of the best artists I have seen in a long time. Surrealism is a side of art that I, myself, fine very inspiring. I thought that this inspiration that artist like you provide for 'budding' artist like me, should be recognised. Thank you. Liz.
   Testimonial by Eleanor
Subject: Contextual Study

Dear Mr Parker My name is Eleanor, and I'm currently studying A-Level Art and Design at Pipers Corner School. I'm doing my Contextual Study, which includes a personal study of a chosen topic. The titled I have set myself is 'How have Artists been inspired by Illusion?'. I stumbled across your website with your fantastic paintings and had to mention you in my dissertation. I was hoping you could send me some basic background information about you such as where you went to school, what art courses you've done, and perhaps any other information you are willing to supply. With many thanks. Yours sincerely Eleanor
   Testimonial by Tony
Subject: Framed Prints

Dear Norman, Please could you tell me if you sell Framed Signed Prints of your work especially of the series 100 Views of the Tor? It will be for a Christmas present for my girlfriend who already has one of your prints and she adores it so it want to buy her another one. Kind regards and many thanks, Tony
   Testimonial by Kardia
Subject: Norman Parker

Dear Norman Parker, Firstly, I would like to say how fascinating I find your paintings.I love to follow the lines in Illusion in Stone and The Scarlet Rope. But my favourite is The Invisible City, how magical. I first became aware of your work, when I found a flyer at Greenbelt some years ago. My family took an extra keen interest because my father's name is also Norman Parker. He, was particularly impressed because he is a great fan of Dali's work. I am contacting you now because my Norman Parker is soon to be 60 years old and I would like to buy him a piece of your artwork. Unfortunately I cannot stretch to an original and was wondering which of your paintings are available as prints? Looking forward to your reply Yours Hopefully Kardia
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